Sleep is extremely important for the well-being of any human being.  It is mandatory for every human being to sleep for at least 6 hours a day in order to remain healthy. It gives us proper mental peace and sanity and also helps us to regenerate all the damaged and worn out body tissues.

Why do people suffer from sleeplessness?

Most people suffer from sleeplessness because of excessive stress. They have such a tiring day that their mind is not being able to relax at night. They start thinking about their entire day and their life. This also hampers their sleep. Sleeplessness for a prolonged period of time is quite harmful and is often referred to as insomnia. We should try to find a cure to that as soon as possible because if we are unable to get the proper sleep for an extended period of time, we may end up falling severely ill.

Some tips to get a good sleep at night:

  • Try to do mild exercises before going to sleep. Mild exercises like yoga and any other free hand exercises will relax your mind and help you get your necessary sleep. There are different kinds of yoga which you can practice regularly to get proper sleep.
  • Try to read your favourite book or magazine before you go to sleep. This is another great way in which you can relax your mind and this process will also help you to go to sleep.
  • Bathing before going to bed is a good way to get good sleep. Bathing will help you to bring down your body temperature and will allow you to fall asleep. You can add CBD Bath Bombs to your bath. These bath bombs are infused with CBD oil and aromas of refreshing essential oils. CBD is well known for its therapeutic properties and is a great supplement to treat day’s stress, anxiety, and other health issues. Furthermore, adding it to your bathing routine can be effective in relieving pain as well as relaxing your muscles which can calm your mind and body for a goo night’s sleep(CBD Night).
  • There is a lot of music which have been scientifically proven to bring good sleep. Listening to such music will soothe and calm your mind and make you fall asleep.
  • Do not drink coffee before going to bed. Caffeine is known to cause sleeplessness and restlessness. So, do not have caffeine late in the evening.
  • Do not watch television just before you are about to go to sleep. The blue light from the screen can mess with your circadian rhythm, making it harder for you to fall asleep.
  • Maintain a time during which you will go to sleep every day. This will help you to properly maintain a cycle. Do not deviate from your timings. Otherwise, your body will get confused and you will not be able to sleep properly.
  • Spend some time outside the house during the day. Let the rays of the sun fall on you. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can increase serotonin secretion in the body. Serotonin is the hormone which is responsible for maintaining the normal sleep-wake cycle of your body. If your body serotonin level increases, then you will be able to get proper sleep during the night.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol before going to bed. While it may make you sleepy, it will not be a restful sleep; leaving you exhausted in the morning.
  • Try to drink loads of water throughout the day. This will maintain your body balance and help you get your regular sleep without any disturbance. However, do not drink water just before going to sleep.
  • Stay away from heavy meals during dinner. Try to consume any heavy food before evening. This will allow proper digestion of food and also give you better sleep at night.
  • Try to focus on going to sleep. Do not allow random thoughts to invade your mind. They can prevent you from falling asleep. Do not worry about waking up on time. Many times it may so happen that you are so stressed out about waking up that you are unable to sleep throughout the night and you end up waking up exhausted.
  • Back-counting is a primitive yet very effective way of going to sleep. Count the numbers from a hundred to one until you automatically fall asleep. Make sure that your full focus lies on the numbers only.
  • Meditation is another good way of getting good sleep. Try to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day before you go to bed. During this time do not think about anything and bring your focus to a particular point.
  • Try to keep the windows of your room open when you go to sleep. This will allow proper air circulation and you will not feel suffocated. Turn off the lights in your room and try to block out any light, especially blue light, when you go to sleep. The darkness will play a role in relaxing your mind and body so that you are able to fall asleep.

Are these natural remedies effective?

Yes, these natural remedies have given successful results. The natural remedies are absolutely safe and have no side-effects. So, it is always safer to apply these techniques rather than going for sleeping pills because sleeping pills have several side-effects and if they are taken for a long span of time, there is a chance that your system may get accustomed to the sleeping pills and you will not be able to fall asleep without them.


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