With the warm weather around the corner, spaghetti and meatballs are too heavy. You need a different recipe that can beat the heat, takes less than half an hour for preparation and constitutes a one-pan meal. So what are you waiting for? Serve up skillet pasta with summer squash, ricotta, and basil which can be prepared as per the instructions are given below:

4 Servings


  • Pasta One pound
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • ThoughtCloud CBD Oil 15 drops
  • One thinly sliced sweet onion
  • 3 finely chopped garlic cloves
  • 2 thinly sliced summer squash
  • One and a half cup yellow cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • Salt and grounded black pepper
  • Half cup finely grated Pecorino Romano
  • One cup ricotta cheese
  • A quarter cup of chopped fresh basil

How To Prepare:

  1. Fill a large skillet with water and put in salt generously. Let it boil on high heat and as it boils, add the pasta and cook.
  2. Drain the pasta and keep it aside, retaining a ¾ cup of the cooking water of the pasta
  3. In the same skillet, heat the olive oil mixed with CBD oil over moderate flame. Add the onion and saute till it appears tender for four to five minutes. Add the garlic and cook till it absorbs the fragrance for a minute more
  4. Mix the squash and tomatoes, and cook till both of them are tender for 4-5 minutes. Season it with salt and pepper.
  5. Add the reserved pasta water to this mixture and toss it well to coat, and add the pasta and stir. Drizzle the pecorino Romano and stir to mix
  6. Dollop the ricotta atop of the pasta and decorate with basil. Serve instantly.

This flavorful dish can well become your summer dinner recipe and is a pasta delight with dollops of health benefits. The mix of olive oil with CBD oil offers you the benefits of Omegas 3 & 6 and abundant minerals and vitamins. Olive oil is abundant in healthy monounsaturated fats aids in keeping your cholesterol level in check and promotes your heart and brain wellness. Besides, it also keeps your body weight under control, lowers blood pressure and reduces your chances of chronic ailments.

You get the best combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids from a combination of olive oil and CBD oil. They bolster your immune system and protect from inflammation, strokes, depression and heart ailments and improves the working of the blood vessels. CBD promotes homeostasis and helps the endocannabinoid system to regulate the normal body processes and maintain overall equilibrium.

Add this health supplement to your skillet pasta and enjoy its innumerable benefits that help to restore your body system, removes anxiety and promotes overall wellness.

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